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Regenerative Injections: Nerves, Pain & Degeneration Level 1 & 2

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Nerves are involved in chronic neuropathic pain and should be part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  A Valleix Point (VP) is a location along the course of a nerve where pressure over the site is painful in cases of neuralgia.  A single nerve can have multiple VP's causing pain.

These points are:

  1. Where the nerve emerges from a bony canal.
  2. Where it pierces a muscle or fascial aponeurosis to reach the skin.
  3. Where a nerve runs over or through a surface where compression occurs.
  4. Where a nerve has a branch location.
  5. Where a nerve terminates in the skin.

Entrapment in these areas leads to swelling and pathologic changes in the nerves. This causes the stimulation of TRPV1 and the release CGRP and SP, leading to the degenerative influences on innervated tissue.  these areas can be treated with Perineural Injections (PNI).  Treatment aims at reversing TRPV1's degenerative effects and releasing the nerve in other areas of entrapment.

The LEVEL ONE manual focuses on Perineural superficial Injections while the LEVEL TWO manual details ultrasound guided Perineural Deep Injections.  Both manuals have additional diagnostic exams and syndrome overview to highlight important details to diagnosis and treatment. combining PSIs and PDIs with regenerative procedures and lifestyle optimization creates a new paradigm that restores and regenerates.